By creating Bonalife space, we have meant to become part of nature without our presence being noticed. Thus Buenavida and Vidabuena were set up, two fully restored stone houses whose foundations have been anchored in this land for more than a century. You can enjoy all the comforts indoors without causing a minimum environmental impact beyond the door.

Inside you will find staircases and design fireplaces, large windows, spacious showers and décor planned down to the smallest detail. Everything with the rustic appeal of traditional stone houses.

Vidabuena available for 2 persons and 2 extra and Buenavida, its eldest brother, available for 4 persons and 1 extra. Have a look at the photographs!
You also have at your disposal our organic garden vegetables (remember that its availability is subject to the time of year). In the recreation area you will also find a grill to enjoy cooking outdoors.

Always surrounded by exceptional views and enjoying the intimacy that only the remote wild places like this can offer you.



Our two-bedroom apartment to share a good life with your family.

Dining room
Sitting room
Double bed


Feel the good life in our one bedroom apartment.

Dinning room
Kitchen Closet


Contact with nature is nearer than you think.

Room’s view


You can pick the fruits of work and daily care we give to our orchard.

Waiting for their pick