Do you know what “Good Life” is??

    It is to be surrounded by nature, but only a 15-minute drive from a great variety of leisure activities, be able to choose between total relax or action.

    It is to enjoy the sound of “el regueru” and warm yourself up by the fireplace at nightfall. It is to breathe the autumn air and watch the sun set between the mountains. It is to let yourself be dazzled by the summer light and have a nap in a hammock in the shade of the trees. It is about discovering the spring’s bounty when everything blooms.

    Good life is to cook outdoors on the grill, sit down under the typical granary, have a relaxing shower at the end of the day, truly feel at home and taste fruit and vegetables your have just picked up from the orchard* ( check availability and harvests ).

    Good life means to have all kind of activities within close reach. A few kilometres far from the apartments, a wide range of leisure awaits for you: gastronomy, culture, adventure, sport … Try our search engine and find out all the things you can do.

    Good life is Bonalife. Live it out now!